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KBL Hybrid Tower

Room 7

 KBL’s Hybrid Technology, has proven to be dynamically effective in performance and design of the innovative KBL beds and has delighted customers worldwide is now available in the hybridSun Tower. 

Equipped with  26 high-performance UV tubes and 26 smartSunlight tubes combined, this 52 lamp hybrid combination output boasts beautiful tanning, bio-positive effects, anti-aging through collagen light, and flawless skin through the cleansing effect of the light’s blue ratio.

It delivers the perfect mix of UVA, UVB & Red-light spectrums of light to achieve an optimal balance between the desired tanning & skin care results.

smartSunlight (red-light combo lamp): Deliver the perfect mix of UVA, UVB & Red-light spectrums of light to achieve an optimal balance between the desired tanning & skin care results

pureSunlight Lamps (blue lamp): Deliver the perfect mix of UVA & UVB spectrums of light for pigment production & pigment bronzing

VibraNano Floor: Innovative vibration plate with multiple settings provides an invigorating workout, is easy on joints & trains the abdomen, legs & buttocks. Operates independent of equipment red light lamps.

Body Fan: The innovative all around ventilation ensures a refreshing ventilation making tanning a really relaxing experience.

megaVoice: A pleasant voice guides quickly and easily through the solarium‘s operating functions. Wellbeing is guaranteed right until it‘s time to say goodbye.

Red-Light Therapy

Increases cellular energy in the body so cells can function more efficiently and remain damage.

Best results are achieved over a 4-6 week period of 3 sessions a week!

  • Stimulates collagen production, which gives skin its structure, strength and elasticity.
  • Improves-sun damaged skin.
  • Increases fibroblast production, which makes collagen.
  • Reduces inflammation in cells.
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, scaring and age spots.
  • Improves various skin conditions; Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea
  • Stimulates tissue repair and promotes wound healing
  • Stimulates hair growth along crown and hairline area
  • Relieves pain & inflammation; RL can help reduce pain and soreness associates with chronic pain conditions and can also help reduce pain caused by working out or injury.
  • Extremely beneficial to muscle recovery
  • Evens out pigmentation
  • Helps smooth out and reduce cellulite spots
  • Firms and tones skin
  • Anxiety, Mood, PTSD, Depression
  • Anti-aging
  • Improves sleep
  • Aids in weight loss and breaks down fat cells
  • Stimulates production of melatonin
  • Increases metabolism
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Anti-aging
  • Heart Healthy, Diabetes Management
  • Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
  • Improves Joint Health and boosts immune system
  • Carpal Tunnel, Rheumatoid Arthritis


Intensive sunlight with an extra-high percentage of UVB for increased pigment development in a 12 minute session, enabled by the one-of-a-kind extra-Sunlight lamps & complimented by Pure Facial lamps. See a complete list of features/benefits & advantages below.

Room 3 & 5

46 Lamps; 4 pureFacials, 2 side extraSunlight, 24 canopy pureSunlight lamps & 16 bench pure Sunlight lamps

pureSunlight Lamps: Deliver the perfect mix of UVA & UVB spectrums of light for pigment production & pigment bronzing

extraSunlight Lamps: Designed specifically to deliver additional UVB light for melanin pigment production & a longer lasting tan. 

pureFacial Lamps: High pressure lamps deliver enhanced spectrums of UVA light to maximize tanning results in the harder to tan facial & neck areas

Glass Facial System: Facial tanner with specially coated filter discs and glass reflectors. Maximum tanning comfort for face & décolleté.

Automatic Climate Control: Auto-Temp control system driven by room temp, increases/decreases the intensity of air flow for a comfortable tanning experience at all times during your session

Air Condition: The high-performance air conditioner guarantees a pleasant cooling sensation during the tanning session.

Aqua Cool: Refreshing & revitalizing water mist from two special, drip-free jets.

Aroma: Aroma provides a fresh spa like environment for a tanning session that will  boost your client’s mood while minimizing After Tan Odor.

Music Vibration System: Allows for the body to feel the music for a more memorable & stimulating experience

Sound System: The sound system for an excellent sound experience. Relax and enjoy the music.

Auto Volume Control: Provides customer a consistent sound level by automatically adjusting the music volume level based on the bed ventilation noise level.


Exclusively Designed for all Skin Types 

(Fair, Medium, Dark) 


 If you are seeking the very best, you will find it in the Matrix. This unit offers the finest level of tanning in the industry & is one of the only TRUE, 360º high pressure tanning beds.

For the fastest, darkest, longest-lasting tan with the least chance of burning, the Iso Italia Matrix L33 is the Ferrari of tanning beds. This is a high pressure bed, high pressure refers to the type of lamp used and means that most of the UVB rays, or “burning rays”, are filtered out. Consequently, you are exposed to almost all UVA rays or the rays that produce the golden brown tan. This allows even those with the most sensitive or easily burned skin the opportunity to develop a nice bronze tan. It is also ideal for those who need to develop a tan in a short time period or need the tan to last longer than a tan in a traditional tanning bed.

This bed gives a deeper longer lasting tan which is why it requires only 1 tan every 7-10 days for maintenance. 

Tan only 2-3 times monthly versus 2-3 times weekly. 

Tans 10 x quicker than basic beds. 

Get a base tan in only 2-3 sessions! 

Exclusively Designed for all Skin Types (Fair, Medium, Dark)

33 high-pressure UVA lamps for a uniform and simultaneous all-round effect over the whole body, without the user needing to turn over.

*12-minute maximum exposure

*360 degree tanning 

*Open Air Design, large & spacious

*Tilting central unit to ensure all over tanning


What is it? 

High Pressure tanning beds combines high pressure quartz lamps with a tremendous filtering system to insure you receive 99% UVA tanning rays. High pressure lamps produce UVA & UVB in different ratios than conventional tanning beds; just enough UVB to produce the melanin required to tan and a lot of UVA to oxidize the melanin and turn it golden brown. 

UVA rays, sometimes known as the “gentle tanning ray”, not only tan the very most outer layer of skin, but also tans the 2nd and 3rd sub-layers of the epidermis, giving a deeper, longer lasting tan. So even as your outer layer exfoliates, the layers beneath are still tan. UVA light does not cause the outer layer of skin to thicken. 

How It Works 

Every living thing exfoliates (sheds) its outer layer. We normally exfoliate our outer layer of skin once every 28 days. The UVB emitted by conventional tanning beds and the sun, cause our body’s natural exfoliation cycle to increase to once every 7 days. So with a conventional tanning bed not only do you tan just your outer layer of skin, you also lose this outer layer (your tan) in just a matter of days. This is why a tan from a conventional tanning bed fades so rapidly and requires so many sessions to maintain. This is also why you reach a point in a conventional tanning bed, where you just can’t seem to get any darker. 

Because high pressure beds tan with almost 100% UVA, our body’s are allowed to return to their natural 28 day exfoliation cycle. Meaning your tan requires very little maintenance. And because UVA tans deeper, our natural exfoliation reveals beautifully tanned skin. 

How can I describe high pressure tanning? 

A simple explanation would be that Natural sunlight varies during the day from low UVB in the early morning to high UVB in the mid day sun. Low pressure tanning has the sunburn potential of the midday sun and the sun tanning potential of the early morning sun. High pressure (Matrix) offers the tanning potential of the mid-day sun and the burning potential of the early morning sun. 

High Pressure Tanning allows you to visit the salon 3-4 times a month! 

One 12 minute treatment is equivalent to 5-6 treatments in a conventional low pressure bed, or a whole day in the Caribbean sun (wouldn’t that be nice…) A course of about 4 sessions will give you a deep, base tan. To maintain this tan, only one treatment every 1-2 weeks is necessary. With high-pressure tanning, you get darker, faster…and keep it longer! 

What’s better? High pressure tanning or low/medium pressure? 

Studies show that a combination of low/medium pressure (all of our beds except the Matrix) and high pressure (Matrix) tanning produce the best and fastest results. High-pressure lamps are fastest; a base tan can be established in as few as about 4 visits compared to 10 or more visits for a low-pressure bed. 

How quickly can I expect to tan in a high-pressure unit? 

High pressure tanning is the quickest way to get deep, golden color – fast. When used in combination with conventional tanning packages, high-pressure sessions will enhance your tan, making it deeper, darker, with a more luxurious bronze. 

How often should my sessions be to maintain my tan? 

Because high-pressure units emphasize using longer, softer UVA rays, maintaining your tan requires just three or 4 sessions each month. 

Does high-pressure tanning cost more than conventional tanning? 

Because your tan takes fewer visits to achieve and lasts so much longer, the cost of high pressure tanning is comparable to conventional tanning. 

What characterizes a low-pressure bed? 

Tanning beds, which deliver power from fluorescent type tubes, are referred to as low-pressure beds. Low-pressure beds use florescent lamps, (100 to 220 Watts.) The output of low-pressure beds tends to be rich in UVB and low in UVA. 

What characterizes a high-pressure bed? 

High-pressure sun beds use only Quartz lamps to deliver results. High-pressure means there is more UVA and higher air pressure in the bulb (300 to 2, 2000 Watts.) These lamps have a much lower content of UVB, thus reducing the risks of burning and allowing your skin to maintain a normal exfoliation process. Therefore results by high pressure tanning last much longer!

UltraSun Q8 Magnum 

Room 1

Enhance your glow & relax in this hugged wide body design!

12 minutes

3 HP 500w optional facial bronzers

41 120w/160w lamps

Turbo BodyCooler System

Hammock style acrylic for maximum comfort & helps prevent lines & wrinkles in trouble areas

60% stronger than most beds its size

UltraSun Q10 

Room 2 

A classic tanning bed that looks compact from the outside but boasts a spacious interior.

46 total lamps; 3 facial bronzers, 5 shoulder bronzers, 22 canopy lamps & 16 bench lamps

Facial Lamps: designed to use reflectors to give your face optimal tanning exposure. If you prefer not to tan your face, you can switch these lamps off through the control panel.

Shoulder Tanner: provides an extra bundle of UV light for the hard-to-reach shoulder area. This feature can easily be switched on or off with the IQ Touch Control.

BodyCooler: lets you set the airflow for optimal comfort. At the touch of a button, fresh air is blown out of the vents to cool your entire body. The BodyCooler creates the ideal climate for building up your glowing tan

Music: Enjoy your music thru on-board speaker & subwoofer.

Bluetooth: The Bluetooth option lets you connect your portable device with the Ultrasun machine wirelessly. Simply choose the name of the tanning device and connect to listen to your favorite songs through the Ultrasun sound system. The wireless connection automatically ends when you leave the tanning room in case you forget to disconnect.


Tan & sculpt the body in just 10 minutes – the side-alternating vibration plate vibraNano makes it possible. In a 10-minute training session, muscles in the abdomen, legs & lower back are stimulated without straining the joints, by simulating the movements people make by walking.

This ensures healthy vibration units during tanning on the basis of medical research. Blood flow is increased, the breakdown of fat burning is boosted, physical performance is enhanced & muscle building promoted.

Thanks to the 5 training levels in the three different settings – Fitness, Relax & Wellness – a myriad of training effects is achieved. All of this without physical exertion.

Relax: muscle relaxation & gentle formation

Wellness: promotion of healthy effects, muscle formation Fitness: targeted formation & strengthening of muscles

vibraNano is based on a scientifically researched & patented technology, the so-called side-alternating acceleration technology. This is comparable to a “left-right” rocking function. The result is a movement process that simulates walking, where the muscle reflexes of the right & left halves of the body are triggered in turns.

Training with vibraNano also simulates a natural form of movement where all the lower body muscles respond, including the stomach & back. On the other hand, the head & upper body remain still and relaxed.

Convincing Results:

1. Muscle Training: A well-functioning & capable musculature is prerequisite for healthy joints, bones & coordinated movement.

• Muscle relaxation

• Muscle formation, strengthening of the muscles

• Increase in muscle capability

• Improved coordination of movements

• Improved elasticity & flexibility

• Promotion of movement

• Optimal supplement / platform for other sports

2. Body Shaping: Feeling comfortable in your own body

• increased body fat burning

• weight reduction

• skin tightening

• improvement of the skin surface

• improved posture

• massaging effects

3. Feeling Healthy: A healthy body is more than a functioning machine! Simply feel better in a healthy body!

• release of tension

• prevention of back problems

• activation of the metabolism

• promotion of blood circulation

• pelvic floor training

• osteoporosis prevention

• stress reduction

• anti-aging effects through increased vitality

• positive change in the hormonal balance

Bronze Beds RedLight Therapy